Lakeside Stories

Welcome to the Lakeside International School blog. Here at Lakeside we see inspiring things happen every day and envision this blog as a place where we can share those stories with you.

When we thought about who this page was for and what purpose we wanted it to serve, we knew it needed to be something for our community – because you are Lakeside – and we knew it needed to be another way for us to connect with each other. 

We also want it to be a place where those who are new to Lakeside can see the magical moments that take place at our unique international school.

Lakeside in 2022

We begin this blog page as we begin the new year and we have many things to look forward to.

We’re excited to welcome our new teachers, who have arrived in Guanacaste safely, have gotten settled in, and have begun this academic year.   This new cohort includes experienced teachers from all over Costa Rica, the USA, and from as far away as Greece.

One of our new hires, Teacher Ricardo, will be helping us to establish our butterfly garden this year. Ricardo is an entomologist and an expert on local Costa Rican butterflies. He holds a Master of Science Degree and is a certified educator with over 12 years of experience. The butterfly garden will be part of the expansion of our memorial garden, which was started by Lakeside students to honor the memory of friends and family of Lakeside that have passed. It is already a beautiful and important space on our campus and will be made even more so by the addition of not only the butterfly garden but also the kind donation of a water feature by the Peters family. 

Lakeside Memorial Garden


Teacher Ricardo’s latest find on campus
This year, we’ll also see the installation of the new roof on the sports court and we will continue our farming project in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our Students and Community

Before school starts each year, leadership and faculty gather together to discuss objectives and focus areas for the year. This year, as we thought about our students, their learning, and what we wanted for them throughout this year, we developed the following focus areas for all our community members:

  • Be Safe / Construimos ambientes seguros
  • Be prepared to learn / Estamos dispuestos a aprender
  • Be empathetic / Somos empaticos
  • Be helpful / Somos Colaborativos

We know it is going to be another fun and caring year at Lakeside. We look forward to sharing it with you. 

To our community, our blogs are for you! We hope you’ll enjoy, share and contribute to our stories.

To our visitors, in these stories, you’re going to find the community that is Lakeside. Welcome!