Our School


We believe that the curriculum taught at Lakeside International School should help children to see learning as pleasurable. We use an internationally minded and extremely effective curriculum that delivers the necessary skills in a stimulating and academic format that benefits the children.

Throughout the Primary Stage the children experience learning through thematic units, which provide a focus on interest for all children and help to develop their skills and abilities in a variety of subject areas. Each unit of work is designed to help children learn through their learning styles, their multiple intelligences, high-challenge, low stress activities, the big picture and more.

We integrate our curriculum so that students can apply their new found knowledge to everyday life and therefore better understand and prepare for the challenges ahead of them.

The Learning Goals

The learning goals are the foundation on which our curriculum is built. Learning goals define what children:

  • might be expected to know
  • what they might be able to do
  • the understanding they might develop as they move through school.

We also define learning goals that help young children begin the move towards an increasingly sophisticated national and international perspective.

The children will develop:

  • A knowledge and understanding of one’s own national culture.
  • An awareness and understanding of the independence of and interdependence between peoples and countries.
  • An awareness and understanding of the essential similarities between the peoples and countries of the world.

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We focus on developing and applying student intelligence & imagination