Asociacion Lakeside (ID#: 3-002-800870) is a Costa Rican non-profit chartered with raising and maintaing a scholarship fund which currenty supports over 80 Lakeside students and their families by granting them reduced or free tuition.  In addition to supporting students directly, Asociacion Lakeside is also working to support various ongoing initatives including:

The development of a robotics academy.  Robotics has been included in the secondary curriculum since the 2014 school year, but our vision is to push robotics out in to the community via open courses and launching a regional robotics competition series.

Computer Technology.  We want Lakeside students to truly understand technology, and there is no better way to start than for them to be building their own computers.  This allows Lakeside to constantly have updated hardware and allows us to push out older but still viable technology to local schools and communities.

Tutoring Center. One of our very important initiatives is to launch a tutoring center that is open to the community.  We’ll coordinate tutor and student connections so students that need a little help understanding something will have a place to call their own.

Open Courses.  We are working on developing various open courses in the 2021 calendar year.   These courses will be open to the public and cover a wide array of interesting and current subjects.

Children’s Hospital of Costa Rica Telethon.

Lakeside’s 2019 Donation

In 2015 a Lakeside Student was diagnosed with cancer and received treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Costa Rica (he’s fully recovered!).   Students from his class came together to raise money to donate to the annual telethon in support of the Children’s Hospital.  To date Lakeside students have raised over $20,000 dollars and given it to the Children’s Hospital during the annual telethon event.

Donate by sending a check made out to: Asociacion Lakeside to:

Lakeside International School
Tabaizo de Sardinal
Carrillo, Guanacaster, Costa Rica

Thank You!  We’ll keep you updated on how your donation helped change the lives of our students.

These are just a few of our current initiatives.  Each year we commit to evaluating our effectiveness and uncovering additional means by which Lakeside can constribute to our community.