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We are committed to our students. Lakeside has earned our reputation as a comprehensive school that is focused on our students and their learning. Will your child have the creativity and imagination to fulfill their dreams? Lakeside specializes in planting seeds that allow children to dream big. We nurture activities and talents that develop success outside of the classroom. We stretch a child’s mind and encourage them to reach for the stars.

Will your child be ready to succeed in today’s fast changing society? We give students the tools they need to last a lifetime. Whether your child is entering school for the first time, is making a change from elementary to middle school, or entering high school, NOW is the time to consider Lakeside International School.

I am very happy with our decision to change schools to Lakeside. They have exceeded all of my expectations. Their individualized attention creates an environment where it is much easier for children to learn.
– Mrs. Jannett Wilson

To empower each child to reach his or her full potential, the School community promotes an environment of advocacy, challenges the whole student, cultivates moral courage and inspires a lifelong passion for learning.

Lakeside is excellent! My daughter has learned so much. I love the methodology as well as the many integrated activities.
– Mrs. Amalia Jimenez

Will your child have the ethical and principled decision making skills to lead in today’s society? Lakeside helps develop the character students will need to last a lifetime. Small classes promote age-appropriate dialog on difficult issues, compassionate decision making, genuine student leadership and service to others. Lakeside’s faculty encourages students to take on personal challenges and provides opportunities for each child to develop character and integrity—in the classroom and the community.

…I would like to express my gratitude and congratulate you for instilling characteristics like critical thinking, responsibility, and commitment in your students. All of which I have witnessed in my daughter since she entered Lakeside. What she has learned is immensely valuable on both a personal and intellectual level…
– Licda. Ana Lorena Lizano H.

Get to know Lakeside through our videos.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.


We focus on developing and applying student intelligence & imagination