Our School


Lakeside is committed to being an active and supporting member of the communities we touch.

  • We offer significant need-based support for students to attend Lakeside
  • We host and participate in various community events
  • We step up when needed.

We often host free parent education nights (many of which are open to the public) at Lakeside and while there is no charge to attend, we do request donations from attendees in the form of dry foods (rice, beans, oil, etc.) that we then store to make available to people in need during times of crisis. It has allowed us to provide meaningful support several different times to families whose homes were damaged by flooding.

Our students support the community as well. Older students often have reading time or participate in events and projects with younger students. It provides our older students the chance to be an expert, share their skills, and serve as role models for the younger students, and it allows the younger students to get to connect with an older student, share their excitement and feel special.

But our student support of the community isn’t confined to the walls of Lakeside. Our students have raised toys and funds for the orphanage in Puntarenas, participated in and supported the special needs school in Liberia, and visited several retirement homes in the area. They participated in beach clean-ups, parades, and performances. They are active and engaged in school and in the community.
They care.

And a few years back their caring reached half way around the world! Our eighth-grade class held fundraisers and worked together to enable a young student from Uganda to attend school there. That is a commitment to community on a global scale.

We also encourage commitment to the community on a local level. Each year Lakeside opens its doors to the community at large in our annual barbeque called Super Saturday. Super Saturday is a completely free event that starts off in the morning with a challenging cross-country race and then fun, fishing, games and an incredible barbeque where Lakeside families come together and offer up the most impressive potluck you’ve ever seen. It is Lakeside hospitality at it’s finest, and it’s a great way to get to know the community!

These are just a few of the ways that Lakeside is connecting to the community, there will be many, many more. We invite you to join us!

Get to know Lakeside through our videos.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.


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