Our School



Founded in 2009, Lakeside International School provides families along the Gold Coast with an exceptional independent school experience. We welcome you to discover why our mission, core values, integrated curriculum, natural resources and extra-curricular opportunities result in the Lakeside International School advantage.

A community of advocacy.

A strong partnership between parents and the school is vital to our student’s success. We believe that by advocating for our students, they become caring, compassionate, and giving individuals as they develop into young adults.

The whole student.

By identifying strengths in our students and encouraging them to pursue personal interests, we strive to nurture and develop the whole student. We help our children to grow into adults with outstanding analytical skills, poised to balance the demands of life and to make informed decisions.

Educational excellence.

Our foundation for educational excellence begins with our youngest students where individual learning styles and goals are celebrated each step of the way.

Natural Resources.

Located on a 200 acre aquaculture farm in Costa Rica, Lakeside’s backyard is one of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems. The area is an ideal resource for hands on learning. Our students participate in Organic farming projects, hydroponics, recycling and reforestation projects. We are committed to instilling a respect and love for the environment in all of our students.

Lifelong passion for learning.

We strive to inspire a lifelong passion for learning, beginning with our youngest students. Our curriculum ensures that students are well equipped to continue their journey into college and beyond.

Moral courage, individual growth.

Our students are taught to do what is right, not necessarily what is popular or convenient. They develop the moral courage to stand up for what they believe in and use everyday situations to examine and express their own beliefs. As a result of this focus, we believe our students gain balance, conviction, compassion and integrity, attributes that will serve them well in college, careers and in leading successful lives.


Lakeside offers a bilingual education. With approximately 50% of time devoted to English and 50% to Spanish. It is one of our principal aims that students are sufficiently bilingual to work, with equal facility, in both English and Spanish.

At Lakeside we focus on learning!

Get to know Lakeside through our videos.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.


We focus on developing and applying student intelligence & imagination