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Grade Enrollment Annual Tuition

Grade Enrollment Annual Tuition
Preschool: PreK-Prepa $310 $3,720
Primary: 1st – 6th $445 $5,340
Secondary: 7th – 10th $495 $5940
Bachillerato: 11th $545 $6,540


Tuition Assistance (Beca) Program:

We are also very pleased to continue to offer our Tuition Assistance program. To apply for tuition assistance, please contact the Office for a complete Tuition Assistance information packet. Complete and return all documentation requested. The table below is an estimate of monthly tuition assistance rates. Individual tuition assistance packages will vary based on financial need:

Grade Enrollment 12 payments (January to December)

Grade Enrollment

12 Payments

Jan to Dec

Preschool: PreK-Prepa $290 $290
Primary: 1st – 6th $345 $345
Secondary: 7th – 10th $390 $390
Bachillerato: 11th $430



Installment Plans for Tuition Payment:

  • ANNUAL INSTALLMENT PLAN. All tuition and fees remaining after payment of the non-refundable pre-matricula payment are due on or before December 15th. A 10% discount on tuition will be applied.  Financial assitance (BECA) recipients are elgible for 5% discount if payment is made before December 15th. 
  • SEMI-ANNUAL INSTALLMENT PLAN. 50% plus all fees and matricula are due during enrollment, and the second payment is due on or before June 15th.  Financial assistance (BECA) recipients are not eligible for this discount.
  • MONTHLY INSTALLMENT PLAN. The monthly installment option is available to all families, including those receiving tuition assistance, with a proven history of consistent and on-time payments with Lakeside. All fees and matricula are due with the first monthly installment. There are two monthly payment plans available: the 12-month plan and the 11-month plan.


  • NEW STUDENT APPLICATION FEE. A non-refundable fee of $25 per student must be paid at the time of application
  • TUITION. All families pay a non-refundable Registration Fee per student. This fee is equal to one month of tuition payment.
  • INSTALLMENT PLAN FEE. All families who pay on a monthly installment basis will pay an annual fee of $60 to help cover the cost of administering the program.
  • LATE PAYMENT FEE. Lakeside may assess a late fee of $20 on the first day any amount becomes delinquent and an additional $20 for each additional 2-weeks that the amount remains delinquent.
  • RESOURCE FEE. The yearly resource fee covers digital resources and support materials for students. These resources are subject to change throughout the year depending on what tools will best support your child’s learning (see resource fee information sheet for additional details.)
  • STUDENT INSURANCE. All families are required to purchase a student insurance plan through INS (the national insurance company.) Plans range in price from $20 to $30 annually. Families must supply proof of coverage for each student. Parents who wish to enroll in a group plan that Lakeside processes will pay the cost of the insurance plus a $6 administration fee.  The total cost of the group plan with added fee is approximately $25.
  • ESL/SSL INTENSIVE PROGRAM: Students in the 7th – 11th grades whose English or Spanish level is insufficient to support learning in a classroom environment will be required to participate in an additional after-school language course for a cost of $40 a month.

School uniforms, learning resources and supplies are not included in tuition and fees, and must be purchased separately.

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