Our School


Step 1: Introduction to Lakeside

On your first visit, we will introduce our programs and facilities.
We will set up any necessary meetings between parents & principals or other staff.

Step 2: Submit documents

Completed application form including all the required documents should be submitted to our office.

Complete Application Form
Pay Application Fee
Copy of school transcript of previous two years
Copy of students and parents / guardians passport and visa
2 small size photos

Step 3: Student interview and placement tests (when necessary)

Oral interviews; English & Spanish
Written tests; English, Spanish & Mathematics

Step 4: Review and acceptance

Director reviews the documentation and results of the placement test.
Upon acceptance, a letter will be sent by the principal to parents.
The office will calculate fees and send an invoice to parents.

Step 5: Finalize Application

Pay Tuition Fees
Sign Educational Services Contract
School Bus, Insurance (If applicable)

Step 6: Welcome to Lakeside

Collect school uniform and books
Receive weekly schedule

Get to know Lakeside through our videos.  A picture really is worth a thousand words.


We focus on developing and applying student intelligence & imagination