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Step 1: Introduction to Lakeside

  • On your first visit, we will introduce our programs and facilities.
  • We will set up any necessary meetings between parents & principals or other staff.

Step 2: Submit documents

Completed application form including all the required documents should be submitted to our office.

  • Complete Application Form
  • Pay Application Fee
  • Copy of school transcript of previous two years
  • Copy of students and parents / guardians passport and visa
  • 2 small size photos

Step 3: Student interview and placement tests (when necessary)

  • Oral interviews; English & Spanish
  • Written tests; English, Spanish & Mathematics

Step 4: Review and acceptance

  • Director reviews documentation and results of the placement test.
  • Upon acceptance, a letter will be sent by the principal to parents.
  • Office will calculate fees and send an invoice to parents.

Step 5: Finalize Application

  • Pay Tuition Fees
  • Sign Educational Services Contract
  • School Bus, Insurance (If applicable)

Step 6: Welcome to Lakeside

  • Collect school uniform and books
  • Receive weekly schedule 





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