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Lakeside’s outstanding teachers and support staff excel in bringing out the best in our students, one student at a time.

Behind Lakeside’s many achievements and student successes are its great teachers and talented full and part-time support staff.  At Lakeside, we’ve worked hard to build a team of qualified, professional teachers who are able to combine the art and science of teaching to create magic in the classroom. 

Our Preschool, Primary and Secondary School staff consists of 27 certified and credentialed full time teachers,  35% of whom hold Masters degrees in Education with specialties including Reading Literacy, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music and more.  Cumulatively, they represent over 150 years of teaching experience! 

Our professional development program is unrivaled in the area, consisting of 3 full weeks of teacher workshops and preparation at the beginning of each school year.  In addition, our faculty participates in professional development days throughout the year.

The backbone of Lakeside is its employees, whether highly educated teachers or conscientious maintenance staff.  Their determination and dedication make Lakeside one of the best schools in the country.
From the school office to the maintenance department;  from the cafeteria to the faculty room; from the international teacher interns to the volunteer parent; the Lakeside community is 100% focused on our students.

We maintain an open door policy and encourage parent and family participation in a variety of volunteer opportunities.  At Lakeside you and your family become part of a learning community.  Together we make a difference for our students and their future. 





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